Yoga in the outdoors! Bring it on!

I live in the cold, wintery, rainy, climate of Vancouver, BC, Canada. And, like many of us, the weather ‘gets to me’.   Sometimes, I think I am an 80 year old with a trick knee that gives me trouble with the weather chills.  The reality is I don’t have a trick knee.  But, I do have a driving desire for yoga when it is cold outside.  The best thing ever is to head indoors in a heated to perfection room and feel that burst of warming energy from a Vinyasa Flow.  My problem isn’t my commitment when the weather is ‘sh*&%tty’.  It is when it is warm, gorgeous and sunny!   The last thing I want to do to go into an indoor room and do yoga! My commitment to yoga goes out the door and into the Vitamin D sun soaked days of warmth and sangria!  But wait! Thankfully, I’ve found ‘the cure’!

Outdoor Yoga! On the beach. In a Park.  In the Forest. Under the Stars! There are loads of yoga classes now happening outside that take the experience to a new level! Of course, its not a controlled environment, so anything goes, but, in a way that is part of the charm!  When a puppy came trouncing through my class in the park, we all chuckled. (Mind you, it wasn’t my mat that he peed on.)  And when we hear the blaring sirens of city life we pensively smile, thinking that those sirens could be saving a life, (or saving a cat from a tree). And when one of the friend’s babies decides to make a fuss cause a tree leaf fell on her hitting her face, we all just embraced it as a life lesson.  There is something about the ‘out of control’ environment that really betters the yoga experience.

Putting yoga and sunshine together is like putting homemade rhubarb-strawberry compote on your vanilla ice cream.  It just makes it better! Check it out in your area and let me know how it goes for you.  Bring on the sun! And may the renewal of Summer Solstice brighten your season!  Happy Summer Solstice!

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