Its been a short while since I blogged. Many weird things have happened since then. Let’s call it a career ‘change of direction’, for lack of better words! And what does one do when one doesn’t know what to do? One goes to India!

It is not your standard hang out at an Ashram and cleanse from the karma that bites you in the ass trip. It is more of an Indian Buffet of all things wild, weird and wonderful about India. As I’ve never been, everything and anything about it will be wickedly gob-smacking! Two weeks in the North, the Taj – OMG factor; Jaipur – Pink City Retail Therapy; Pushkar– Get to know your camel toe (on a real camel) and Varanasi – the cultural slap of the Ganges Ghats ; and then two weeks in the South, backwater cruising in the Kerala District; Ayurvedic de-tox sensations; and the final Hippie fest in Goa.

The great thing about travelling in places so foreign is that its like a cold splash in the face on a humid, hot day. It’s a shock to the system and ideally sets you on a new refreshing course. Travelling has always been my way of ‘system shock’! And, it works!

So, friends, this will be an opportunity for me to share with you some of the wilds of the tastes, smells, sights, and intuitions – both the gross and the glorious! It will be INDIA in all its glory, on my terms and from my perspective! I hope you enjoy!

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