Director: Tracy D. Smith

Tracy D. Smith received an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC in 2002. Since then she has written and directed over 40 short films and two features. Her shorts have won numerous awards and have been screen at film festivals around the world as well as on television. Her feature film debut, “Taming Tammy”, premiered at the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and was nominated for the CityTV Western Canada Feature Film Award. Her second feature “Everything and Everyone” has played at several international film festivals including VIFF and the Seattle International Film Festival.

Why Yoga, why now?

Why yoga? Because jogging is for fools!  Why now? The pools are closed for the winter!

Yoga – when it speaks to you, what does it say?

I hate sit ups, too.

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Director of Photography: Will Minsky

I love my job. I love telling stories through the camera and taking people along the journey. It’s a pretty fantastic way to spend your days. I’m a genre nerd and have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic people collaborating on visual story telling.

Why Yoga, why now?

Everyone knows Yoga. From the committed masters to the dude walking down the street. People know it and think about it. So every type of person is touched by it. It’s about time someone had some fun and went into the world of Yoga and told some stories.

Yoga – when it speaks to you, what does it say?

It kind of murmurs and I lean in closer and then it whispers “Hey… hey come here for a second” in a very soft and alluring tone.

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