Jill Hope Johnson

As an accomplished writer, the most recognizable elements of Jill’s work focuses on her love of black humor, and her gift of story telling. She has a fresh way of looking at the world – as demonstrated in her funny, edgy, and often unsettling portrayals of human relationships. Whether the format is web series, screen/television writing, stage plays or speech writing, Jill knows how to communicate the perverse views of our World, while sitting in the acrid juices of possibility.

Jill’s greatest accomplishments come from viewing her works when they jump off the page and onto the stage. Balancing both writing and producing, Jill has a new found away to drive herself crazy with her passion. When she isn’t driving herself nutty, Jill is yogifying her soul and ‘down dogging it’ with the secret ‘under her breathe’, mantra, “I hate Yoga”.

Jill has also written web series, screenplays, poetry, and stage plays. Jill’s material has been seen around the World and her words have been performed on a variety of stages to include the Vancouver Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Glasgow Comedy Festival and Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Why Yoga, why now?

Yoga is a control freak who has infiltrated my life, and her karmic payback i’s a bitch. She is relentless. She tells me what to do all the time, and frankly, “I hate her”. But, I’m addicted. I can’t stop.

When YOGA speaks to you, what does it say?

Yo, Fat Ass, get over here and strike an asana!

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Ashwin Sood

Based out of Vancouver, BC, his focus is that of a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, mentor, songwriter and producer. An avid yoga enthusiast, Ashwin is often seen sweating in a hot yoga class.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Ashwin studied drums, percussion and voice at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles (1986-90). He is also an artist and repertoire scout for his new endeavor, Mowgli Music where he discovers and mentors new talent. In his 24 years of being in the business, he has collaborated with such artists as Lava Hay, Mae Moore, Sarah McLachlan, Jason Mraz, The Wild Strawberries, Tom Howie, Aliqua, Stephen Fearing, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Joydrop, Greg Keelor, Rufus Wainwright, Susan Enan, JDFortune, Delerium, REVV 52, Jimmy Rankin, Meaghan Smith, Chantal Kreviazuk, and many others.

Ashwin has spent many years as a kid hanging out at Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre company, scorekeeping hundreds of Theatresports shows, watching his big sister Veena in the evolving world of Keith Johnstone’s improvisation work. For Ashwin, this new foray of merging comedy with his love of yoga is natural.

When Yoga Speaks to you what does it say?

Stop the Brain Chatter.

Why Yoga? Why Now?

It’s ancient, its always been here, its in the pedigree…

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