My Un-Moment

It starts with a simply request. ‘Be here, now.” I hear the instructor kindly inform me to let go of the past and let the future unfold, as I join her in the ‘moment’. Apparently, the immediate ‘moment’ is the essence of our existence. She goes on to suggest, “We are here, now. So, stay awhile and enjoy.” What is it about us that makes it so f***ing hard to be in the ‘moment’?

My ‘moment’ isn’t staying. It’s going. To Thailand. To taking a shower. Washing the dog. Finding a new career. Making dinner. Maybe all the social conditioning to ‘Be more, Do more, Have more’, has brainwashed me into obsessing on my future and my past, having whitewashed the ‘moment’. The rationale goes, if I am in the ‘moment’, I am not plotting to create some fantastic tomorrow. When you think about it, were not living tomorrow, til tomorrow. So why worry? Be happy!

While dreaming of a fruity rum drink on a white, sandy Costa Rican Beach, I shall continue my quest for the elusive ‘moment’, with good intentions.

Our winner of the STRIKE A POSE contest captures the essence of being in the moment. Thanks to all of you that participated! Congrats to Lunagals capturing the moment, and and honorable mention to Jamina Tribbett for her beautiful sunset submission!

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