With the yoga movement becoming the ‘religion of choice’ for the urban chic, YOGA TOWN, has become the ‘church of choice’. Just like any ‘movement’, the followers give the leaders ‘hero status’, as if they are impermeable to imperfections. The reality is that these characters are anything, but perfect. And, the competition is fierce. The idea of following a path towards enlightenment is the farthest thing from this World, although everyone is on the road to YOGA TOWN.


Yoga purist, hippie, owner of YOGA TOWN and mother to Amber. Willow is burdened by her inability to make good choices: with men, money and parenting. Stubborn to her purist ways, and unwilling to make changes in time, her business is failing. Although she always tries to let good intention lead the way, Willow’s karma has a way of biting back.

Yoga – when it speaks to you, what does it say?

It says, “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up”. It says, “Listen to you heart, your body…leave your mind alone. It says, “Get your shit together and take effing responsibility for your effed up decisions!”


Instructor, Laundry Boy and Willow Worshipper. Sensitive Chas has an intense passion towards Willow, his boss. Willow saved him from a life as a fame seeking, ego driven Yoga Instructor at a franchise yoga studio. Chas was a former reality TV star on the show, “Pool Boys of Vancouver”, until he was the first one voted off the pool deck. He hopes that Willow will see how great they are together and will want more than just her blocks scrubbed.

Why Yoga, why now?

“Hi Chas, now that you have found your third eye, stop playing with it.”


Angst ridden, social anarchist, wannabe rock star and teenage daughter of Willow. Amber struggles to live up to her mother’s ‘yogi – hippie ideals’. She pushes against her mother as much as possible. Amber wants to find her own path, if her mother would just ‘Let Go’. She’ll do anything to get away, and is intoxicated by any possibility that comes her way.

Why Yoga, why now?

When yoga speaks to me it sounds like ET when he says “ET go home”. I’m never sure if it’s just the voices in my head acting up. Yoga says I’m supposed to lead to liberation, what the fuck happened? I’m an animal in a god damned cage. Kinda like me.


Willow’s nemesis and The ‘Pied Piper of Yoga’ and sole Owner of the Go Yoga , a mobile yoga company. Elijah has an interest in all things female. He is alluring and intoxicating and seduces participants onto his magic carpet and takes them for a ride. Elijah just wants to make the World a better place, and he might bite off a few heads to get there.

Why Yoga, why now?

Hey Boo Boo Would you like a picanic basket?


Owner of Tandoori Loving Care, specializing in Life Coaching for (failing) businesses. She uses her Indian ethnic card to spice up businesses that are in trouble with her TLC. Neela is easily seduced by the possibilities of fame and fortune. She is an opportunist that knows what she wants: money!

Yoga – when it speaks to you, what does it say?

“Yoga is my money lung. Breathe in clients. Breathe out money.”