Lori Triolo

Lori plays a lot of cops and kooks. Her career as series leads and guest stars has allowed her to explore the many facets of her uniqueness.

Lori’s views on why she loves to act:

“I grew up in a New York/ Italian family. Huge personalities. Everyone was an amateur performer. I was shy. I didn’t really speak up. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I discovered that when I stepped on a stage that everyone would have to shut up and listen to me…a star was born. I think being shy led me to wanting to have a voice as well as the desire to help others find theirs. To not be scared. To have the courage to question, and fail, and evolve in order to create. I am interested in the authenticity of humans. I believe that transparency and communication can save the world. My legacy will be that I was able to contribute to the cause of helping the world to be more human.”

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Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong

Vincent has been acting professionally for 11 years.  During this time he has played a gangster, cowboy, hobbit, ninja, altar boy, gay assistant, straight assistant, pony, and a piece of sushi.  He loves his job so much!

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Ingrid Nilson

Ingrid Nilson

As a highly neurotic child, acting helped me channel my insanity. While in some ways it messed me up even more, yoga helps.  Whether on stage (UBC BA Theatre Honours) or in film or even doing silly little voices for animation, yoga allows me manage my creative craziness.  Since it has helped me get a grip, for five years I have been teaching across Canada and loving every om along the way!

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Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau

I wasn’t nuch good at anything else except lovin.  Makin someone laugh is the greatest gift someone can give to another human being.   Unfortunately my parole officer insists I keep my pants on.

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Veena Sood

Veena is an award-winning actress, of Indian descent, immigrating to Canada when she was a child. By age 20 she had graduated from University with a degree in theatre. During that time she co-founded and originated The Loose Moose Theatre Company – known for their improvisational theatre work.

Veena credits her East Indian heritage with giving her a foundation to play the character, Neela. Her thoughts on global warming: “Take off your cardigan when you’re in the house. Or open a window”. Her thoughts on getting older: “Just come back as someone younger”.

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