Harlem Shake or Kundalini ?

Here we go again! Yet another viral video that reminds us that we love to share/steal/share an original idea and then make it our own ‘original’ idea, which then becomes ‘not so original’. Gangum Style, Flash Mobs, The Macarena, and even the old school Rocky Horror Time Warp were all part of the same societal need to shake our bootie en masse. The latest of these group mosh-pit love-fests is the ‘Harlem Shake’.

The Harlem Shake came from a song called Harlem Shake by a Brooklyn rapper Baaur! The main meme peeps have picked up on is Con los terroristas! When literally translated it means, ‘with terrorists’. Interesting fascination we have with terrorists these days!

So, why would a song like that end up with a massive dance culture following? A group of five Aussie teens named The Sunny Coast Skate seemed to kick it off in February 2013. 20 Million hits and counting. Check it out:

And it was inevitable that a yoga infusion would occur. Well, I guess it goes to show you that people need to ‘express’ no matter what! They need to get it out!
Here’s a few yoga infused Harlem Shakes for your viewing pleasure:

HARLEM SHAKE YOGA – Exhale Venice Edition

Harlem Shake – Orlando Power Yoga

Harlem Shake at Bear Yoga

If you ask me, any Kundalini class looks a lot like the Harlem Shake. Movement is movement. Shake it out and feel good about it. These viral videos are a good reminder that we’re all part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Embrace your inner shake and enjoy. Happiness is never overrated!

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