From Darkness into Light… Santa is that you?

Let’s face it. Christmas is for Kids.  They are the ones that breathe magic into the mystical beauty of a little white lie.  My nieces have decided that they will sleep on the kitchen floor this Christmas Eve, just to make sure that Santa does what he’s supposed to do.  Parking a pony under the Christmas tree might be a tall task for any adult, but they know Santa can do it.  These kids not only have strong desires, but also strong intentions! I know they’re wish will come true.  They didn’t say the pony had to be breathing.
I’ve always found it amusing to think that Santa is oddly linked to Solstice.  Winter Solstice represents change from darkness into light. According to the Mayans, this Solstice 2012 was to be the ‘End of the World’.  As one of my high school kids said,  “…Worst End of the World ever”! Maybe on the time continuum, the World did come to an end, and we just don’t know it. Maybe that’s what the Mayan’s meant. It’s about us, as individuals, going inside and bringing out the inner light to change our perspective. It’s the creation of a paradigm shift.  By taking the risk and facing the fear to expose oneself, we can learn to see the light again… from the inside.  And you never know! Maybe with all that goodness and intention, you’ll get a pony under your tree!  And if you don’t, there’s always next year.  May the ‘Santa light’ be with you.

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