Doga – Dog Yoga – not with my Jack!

Here we are with yet another ‘yoga fad’ taking hold across our beautiful universe.  It never seems like we are ever satisfied with where we are.  Our human nature is to create, explore and discover new ways.  And DOGA is a great example!  Come on.  Are you serious? Yoga with your DOG? As a dog lover, I can see the appeal of merging the canine with the practice as a way of calming the spirit of the you and your best friend all at the same time.  But really, does it make sense?   Put it this way, I am a Jack Russell Terrier owner.  The last thing in the World I want is my hyper Jack to hang with me in yoga.  I do yoga to get away from all that energy!

While yoga is for every human body and every warped and wonderful psyche, its certainly not for every dog.  And what if you own a ‘barker’?  Every time I om at home, my wee one howls!  Could you imagine a class full of howling Oms?  My dog – just plain too neurotic.  Like her owner!  I know what all of you are thinking.  And yes, I should probably go to a Doga Class to really ‘appreciate’ the experience.  But, I’ll have to rent-a-dog.  Any suggestions? Have you done ‘Doga’? Does it work for you.. and your pooch?  Or is it a nightmare on bark street? Do tell!


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