Betty, your dancer pose isn’t cutting the mustard. Yoga Comps? Have we gone crazy?

After years of many high end athletic competitions, I like the fact that a yoga practice is a humble practice.  In yoga, I don’t feel I have to compete with anyone else. I move at my pace, doing what I want, and what feels right with gentle guidance.   I don’t have to compete with ‘flexible Fiona’ and her binds or ‘headstand Hank’ and his inversion obsession.  I can just let go of that competitive nature that naturally sits inside.  This is the very reason why I can’t wrap my head around Yoga Competitions.    A competition, by nature, is an event that pits one against others in battle, for an opportunity to crown one a supreme being.  Why anyone would want to be ‘judged’ on their yoga poses? Check this video out of the 2012 World Champion.

2012 World Champion of Yoga:

Yes, he’s isn’t hard on the eyes, and has the body of a God, and does incredible yoga poses, but why, is he in a yoga competition against others? Surely he knows he’s ‘HOT’ and is a YOGA MAGNET.  Did he really need to stroke his ego by going into a competition?  Is he now an endorsement laden poster boy?  I wonder if they do blood tests to ensure he isn’t doping! (The travesty of it all! )

What about the other ‘slackers’ in the competition?  How did they feel when they didn’t ‘win’?  Isn’t yoga about all coming together in harmony in a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment that is as much about the ‘inner self ‘  as it is the ‘physical’ practice?   How can one ‘judge’ that? Instantly, I am drawn to think of the ‘behind the scenes’ with catty karma barbs being shared and can’t wait to write the next season of Yoga Town.  Yes, season two is in the works.  Yoga Competitions will be at the heart of the matter!

What’s you view of yoga competitions?  Write a comment and let me know!


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