About the Show

YOGA TOWN is a mockumentary comedy about small group of employees challenged in many ways to run their financially struggling yoga studio.  Willow, owner of Yoga Town, relies on her staff, made up of her angst ridden teenage daughter, Amber, and her sensitive, star instructor, Chas, to create an environment of ‘real yoga for real people’.  Unfortunately, Karma isn’t paying the bills.   When a mobile yoga company ‘Go Yoga’ parks in front of their studio, the ante is raised.  Willow, is forced to go to battle with Elijah, the Pied Piper of Yoga.  Everything she can do, he seems to do ‘better’.  He even seems to be able to connect to her daughter, Amber, with greater ease which gives Willow great dis-ease. Despite her efforts,  she grows to hate ‘the fat man’.

The Story

In response to her new competition, and continuing financial struggles, she agrees to hire an ‘Indian Business Consultant’ to spice up Yoga Town. Fame loving, Neela, has great ideas and brings in a new look to the studio to include Indian ‘shit’, famous guests and new vibe. But, it seems it might be too little, too late, as alluring Elijah sabotages their efforts, and manages to lure other followers to his call. With Elijah’s business growing and his ‘circle of love’ taking over, Willow is losing control. When her daughter is kidnapped, Willow snaps as she chases after Elijah. Is Elijah truly a bad man, or is he a pied piper, sharing yogic love with the World? Seeing her daughter happily engaged with Elijah, teaching a private yoga class, disillusions Willow. Has she lost her daughter? Has she lost her studio? Why is ‘the fat man’ getting all the good gigs? One by one, the intoxicating potion of love that Elijah shares, seems to cast a spell on everyone. Thankfully, passionate Chas, is by Willow’s side through thick and thin hoping for that one day she will notice their love bond or will she? As her World shrinks, Willow has to decide whether to fight or retreat; hold on or let go, live or let die. Being in this moment has never been so uncomfortable.