Yoga Town Blog – In The Eye of the Hurricane

My heart goes out to all those in the path of  Hurricane Sandy this week.  In thinking about this, I wanted to share with you some levity about being in the eye of a hurricane.  Hopefully, this will bring a smile to your face during this difficult time for so many.

In my Flow class yesterday, the instructor talked about ‘being the eye of the Hurricane’. Being inside so deep that the outer elements are just washing over you, as you hold still – complete, whole and centered.  I was like “Hurricane?” What the heck is she talking about?  My life is a hurricane. A chronic type A personality of  ‘always doing, never being’, another family crisis brewing, and forever desiring the next thing as opposed to being satisfied with my good fortune.

And, then it hit me. I am the one in the center. I am in control this whirlwind I’ve created.  Feeling smug, in control of my hurricane and on top of it all, I went into ‘Crow pose’ with such ease.  Proud asses of my classmates were in the air. We were all our own eyes of our own hurricanes. I was taking a big cleansing breathe in when it happened.  The essence wafted through the air with an intention to be noticed. I noticed all right. It smelled like peanut butter.  But, what do you do? What do you say? Or do you just pretend you didn’t smell it and just let it waft by? This hurricane of nutty odor was crashing in on my ‘eye’, not the third one, the two normally used for sight.  As the acrid smell of displeasure continued, tears filled my eyes. As the instructor walked by she kindly reminded all of us that releasing is what we’re here to do.  I then thought to myself. I can’t do that? You mean just let ‘er rip, right here in Happy Baby. No way.  I didn’t mean for it to come out, but ‘Happy Baby’ is one of those poses that gets me. I was in full pucker, when it escaped.  Those unintentional ones are the worst.  Fortunately, it didn’t have an odor, just a sound. The instructor walked by and gave me a nod of pleasure.

Only in a yoga class would gas attacks be seen as an enlightening act! And then I realized that while we’re all trying to be ‘the centre of our universe’, ‘the eye of our hurricane’ , ‘controlling our destiny’ there are still elements of life that surprise and perplex.  And only a few are smelly ones. The rest are just loud and noticeable!  Light and Love to all of you facing your own hurricane.



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