Yo-mancing the Om

Yoga Town's Amber and ChasI think I’ve fallen in love.  It is always ‘the voice’ that gets me.  I never thought an Ommm could be such a turn on!

Why were Micheal Douglas and Kathleen Turner so ‘hot’ in that 1984 adventure movie classic, Romancing the Stone? It was their voices.  Micheal had that kind of voice that says, “I don’t need to say much, just look at me. I’m already a God. I’m from the Hollywood Gene Pool, the sperm bank of good looks. And when I do talk, I never yell. I don’t need to. I’m Micheal.”  And then Kathleen Turner, the deepest, most seducing female voice this side of Mr. T.  Oh geez. Now I’m really dating myself!

Whose your favorite yoga voice? I know you must have one.  You know , when the Ommmmm goes through your belly, making it into a gummy tummy.  Tell me whose voice turns you ‘on’ in class.  The singers are always good. Though the sales pitch for buying their latest CD while in class seems a bit much.  Those that can sing, should. Those that can’t, well Honey, take it into the showers.

Nothing is more distracting in Savasana than a bad singer. And unless you’re KD Lang, don’t ever attempt Halleluiah. Let’s praise the good singer.  The one who has the voice of a Tibetan monk.  Their chants send you into that melt away place of existence.  All you singers out there.  Want a no-hassel built in audience?  Teach yoga. Oh. You already are.  Thought so.

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