Tool Box Logic – Yoga Town

Ironically, though I’ve created a mockumentary about the yoga scene, I’ve found myself wanting more yoga in my life with the passing of each weekly episode. It seems to feed me in a way that no other form of active existence can. It sparks my soul and ignites the little person inside that ‘likes me’. Yoga makes me see that no matter what, were all just doing the best we can with the tool box we were given. Some of us have a big tool box, and others, only have a hammer. Yet if we just give ourselves credit and believe we are enough, we can make amazing things happen.

For me, this show is an example of what can be done with a strong intention. Sure, I have made a ton of mistakes. That’s the fun of it. Life is what happens when you are getting it wrong. I’m going to keep making mistakes! I want to keep learning, so I keep growing. And isn’t that really what its all about? If your ‘stuck on the runway of life’ and never ‘take off’, you might as well be counting the worm holes in your casket.

Season one’s final episode -12 of 12 – wraps up this week! As I say good bye to Season One, I am so very thankful for all of you breathing Life our show. For those of you that can’t get enough, there is still one final upload which is an ‘all in one’ – all 12 episodes in one go! While I will continue to blog as we develop season two, I wanted you all to know that I have personally appreciated each and every one of your comments, thoughts, ‘likes’, ‘tweets’, and even the ‘winking smiley faces’. It has been great to see your enthusiasm. I hope this final episode leaves a burning desire for more! Enjoy!


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