The sistahood of the travelling stretchy pants!

On the streets of Vancouver, there is definitely a look cultivated by us West Coast types.  I’m sure if you are reading this, you know what I mean.  How many of you have decided that stretchy yoga pants and boots are a perfect match to a baggy hoodie, tight T, bangles, loopy earrings and the occasional head band to match your yoga bag? I call it ‘the yogini’.    Those of you that have chosen this route should be proud of your ability to go up or down 15 pounds without a worry, as those stretchy pants hide everything under a baggy hoodie.  They are perfect coming into the winter ‘bulge’ season.

I went to the Vancouver Yoga Conference this weekend.  I’ve never seen more yoga clothing companies under one roof, ever. Who can resist another yogini outfit?  I mean it’s a statement.  And all of us that love the stretchy pants are part of a ‘tribe’.  We’re the yoginis.  We’re the ones that the World is now noticing.  We’ve created a stretchy sistahood.  We are as moveable and loveable as our clothing!   And that is something to be proud of!  So, I say to you: do it, wear it, be it, gain weight in it, get your brazillan in it, get married in it. Just do it, fellow sistas. Wear your yogini look everywhere and don’t look back!

Check out singer/songwriter, Sarah McLachlan, in this week’s episode of Yoga Town! She’s part of our stretchy sistahood and a yoga enthusiast!  Huge thanks to Sarah for being our guest star!

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