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Doga – Dog Yoga – not with my Jack!

Here we are with yet another ‘yoga fad’ taking hold across our beautiful universe.  It never seems like we are ever satisfied with where we are.  Our human nature is to create, explore and discover new ways.  And DOGA is […]

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Yoga Town Blog – In The Eye of the Hurricane

My heart goes out to all those in the path of  Hurricane Sandy this week.  In thinking about this, I wanted to share with you some levity about being in the eye of a hurricane.  Hopefully, this will bring a […]

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Yoga Town Episode 5 – TLC Tandoori Loving Care

As Elijah’s yoga business grows, TLC Life-Business Coach, Neela, played by Veena Sood, enters Yoga Town to bring a little ethnic chic to Willow’s yoga boutique.  According to Neela, all that is needed is a little Tandoori Loving Care. Really? […]

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Yoga Town Blog Post: Why are there so many white women named Padma?

My friend went on a sojourn to India, and upon her return, she decided to re-identify herself with a new name.  ‘Susan’, from Indiana, now wants to be ‘Padma’. She now re-identifies with the lotus flower, the sacred National flower […]

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