Is My Yoga Instructor Channeling Drew Carey or Jane Fonda?

My Yoga Instructor at Yoga TownYes!  You are the next contestant on ‘Strike a Pose’ – the new game show for those people that can’t be motivated to do anything but eat chips and dent the couch! Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit about my overly enthusiastic Hot Yoga instructor.  But really! I’m in the class, which means I was motivated to get off the couch and abandon the milk duds for 90 minutes.  So, give me a break, lady. You aren’t Drew Carey and I don’t wanna make a deal!

And since when do we need to have the constant drone of a Jane Fonda fitness tape rolling in our minds? Aren’t we past that place of ‘Let’s Get Physical’ , big hair, and ‘do it til it burns? The never shutting up  yoga instructor  is a huge pet peeve of mine. Where’s the ‘Zen’, the meditation, the peace? And when do we have to ‘count numbers’ in a yoga class anyway? That’s so ‘1980’s’!  I wonder what Gandhi would have to say about that?

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