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Its been a short while since I blogged. Many weird things have happened since then. Let’s call it a career ‘change of direction’, for lack of better words! And what does one do when one doesn’t know what to do? […]

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Yoga in the outdoors! Bring it on!

I live in the cold, wintery, rainy, climate of Vancouver, BC, Canada. And, like many of us, the weather ‘gets to me’.   Sometimes, I think I am an 80 year old with a trick knee that gives me trouble with […]

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Doga – Dog Yoga – not with my Jack!

Here we are with yet another ‘yoga fad’ taking hold across our beautiful universe.  It never seems like we are ever satisfied with where we are.  Our human nature is to create, explore and discover new ways.  And DOGA is […]

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Inhalo, Exhalo A visit to Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I had the pleasure of visiting Tamarindo, Costa Rica over the past couple of weeks. This was my first time to Costa Rica, and definitely not the last! Tamarindo is on the pacific side of this small country along the […]


Harlem Shake or Kundalini ?

Here we go again! Yet another viral video that reminds us that we love to share/steal/share an original idea and then make it our own ‘original’ idea, which then becomes ‘not so original’. Gangum Style, Flash Mobs, The Macarena, and […]

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Bare Ass Yoga Helping To Take The Winter Blues Away

I’m all for being ‘au naturale’ when the mood strikes. Imagine skipping down a sandy, isolated beach on a hot, sunny day with the waves crashing onto the shoreline, and a Bahaman breeze in your hair. Envision all your tanned […]

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Up In Arms about Yoga in Schools?

I have recently learned about an Encinitas, California parent group who are upset over yoga being taught in their public schools, saying it is promoting Hinduism. Check out this  NPR audio link for the full story: I can’t imagine […]


Betty, your dancer pose isn’t cutting the mustard. Yoga Comps? Have we gone crazy?

After years of many high end athletic competitions, I like the fact that a yoga practice is a humble practice.  In yoga, I don’t feel I have to compete with anyone else. I move at my pace, doing what I […]

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From Darkness into Light… Santa is that you?

Let’s face it. Christmas is for Kids.  They are the ones that breathe magic into the mystical beauty of a little white lie.  My nieces have decided that they will sleep on the kitchen floor this Christmas Eve, just to […]

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My Un-Moment

It starts with a simply request. ‘Be here, now.” I hear the instructor kindly inform me to let go of the past and let the future unfold, as I join her in the ‘moment’. Apparently, the immediate ‘moment’ is the […]

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