Can you say the C word?

Before we get to ‘The C Word’, I wanted to let you know about this week’s special guest!  Providing some spice to this week’s episode 10 -Yoga Town – is famous Vancouver based Chef and Sommelier Vikram Vij of the famous Vij’s and Vij’s Rangoli Restaurants .  Please enjoy the sumptuous virtual taste of India through Vikram’s fabulous guest star presence.


Now onto the dreaded C, which follows the dreaded B word, Black Friday! It’s coming fast and furious.  Christmas and/or Chanukah is knocking! With it comes shopping anxiety adding stress to the winter countdown. Allow yourself to focus on the joy of heavenly connections with family and friends sharing love, food and fun, and do your shopping ‘online’. No line ups, no parking woes, no worry.


I was fortunate enough to have two companies come forth with products for Yoga Town.  Both of them offer fabulous and unique gift solutions.  Saky Sacks is currently offering a special through Nov 25th with 40% off for all online orders.  I love these bags and use them daily for everything!  And ToeSox is fabulous company that provides unique foot coverings for the active person regardless of their yoga, dance, running or other activities.  With grips on the soles, these socks are great for winter yoga.  They are also offering an awesome 15% discount and you can connect to them on our site at . Enjoy make your life easier, shop online, and enjoy the  ‘C’ son!



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