Boys may not eat quiche, but they do yoga!

I was in a basic yoga 101 class the other day, with 20 Grade 9 hockey playing boys.  Yup.  My life, while blessed, does have some down sides.  One would think that 20 Grade 9 boys doing yoga for the first time is a recipe for complete disaster (fart jokes and mat wrestling included).  However, the reality was really quite different.  These 13 year olds, full of smells, hormones and acne, all seemed to find that place between pleasure and patience. They weren’t acting out. They didn’t want to wrestle. They avoided ‘showing off’. All the boys live well programmed, high achieving, jock style lives.  This wasn’t the nerd kids or the artsy ones. These were the tough guys. And the wildest thing occurred as they embraced ‘the calm’. They were ‘in it’. The yoga instructor made it easy with her relaxed tone and specific intentions. And, amazingly these hockey playing, swearing, aggressive boys became pussycats lying in the sun basking in the glory of ‘stillness’.

This, my friends, is the power of yoga.  Yoga is really just about helping us ‘cope’ in the World.  It makes us less reactionary and makes us realize that from the inside out, were all just seeking the same things: being comfortable in our own skin; being less reactionary; being free to just ‘be’.  Through this stillness we learn to manage our own inner chaos.  And really, isn’t that all that we really need to get through a day?

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