Yoga Town Episode 2 – Elijah enters the House of Love

Wow! Its been great to see your response to the show! I know you’re gonna love the next episode! We really get to know Elijah’s persuasions in this one, as well as learning about passionate Chas and his reason for teaching at Yoga Town. Did you know that Chas was once in a reality show called ‘Real Pool Boys of Vancouver’? Unfortunately, he was first voted off the pool deck! Our protagonist, Willow, is pushed to the edge when her competition doesn’t ‘level’. Elijah with his Go Yoga truck is the funny pied piper of Yoga who won’t go away. His charm seems to have won over Amber who is enamored by Elijah’s seductive ways and can’t wait to taste his butter chicken! Willow is disgusted and comes up with a plan to get the piper to ‘leave’! But, will it work? We’ll find out!

Please keep the tweets, likes, and comments coming through! Awesome to see what you’re thinking. Tell me who your favourite character is and why!

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