Yoga Town Episode 1 – Real Yoga 4 Real People?

Yoga Town Episode 1I’m thrilled to see all you ‘real people’ out there are ready to lock and load, Yoga Town into your Wednesday evening rituals.  We’ll be uploading a new show every week starting September 26.  Coincidentally, that’s my mother’s birthday! H.B. Mom.

In Episode 1, Willow, our fledging heroine and owner of Yoga Town is facing financial ruin.  Our karmically-challenged owner really is trying to do all the right things, but falls short in the karma plate every time.  She offers ‘real yoga for real people’. Willow tries, but she really doesn’t know how to run a business.  She figures good karma will ‘lead the way’. Too bad the World doesn’t really work that way.

In her efforts to providing ‘real yoga for real people’, her World keeps getting messed  up, by people she trusts, including her “I hate Yoga” daughter, Amber; and her overly loyal and lustful instructor, Chas! Stubborn Willow isn’t about to abandon the few clients she has! After all, they need her! So she thinks.   Reality hits when Elijah, the ‘pied piper of yoga’, moves in with his mobile Go Yoga truck and sets up shop.  The fight is on! Doing real yoga for real people has never been so tough.

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