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IN the Yo-zone

Have you ever wondered why yoga seems so f-ing hard sometimes, and so f-ing easy at other times? There are those days that it feels like waterboarding would be an easier fate than yo-torture. Those days are Hell. The body […]

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Yoga Town Episode 1 – Real Yoga 4 Real People?

I’m thrilled to see all you ‘real people’ out there are ready to lock and load, Yoga Town into your Wednesday evening rituals.  We’ll be uploading a new show every week starting September 26.  Coincidentally, that’s my mother’s birthday! H.B. […]

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Is My Yoga Instructor Channeling Drew Carey or Jane Fonda?

Yes!  You are the next contestant on ‘Strike a Pose’ – the new game show for those people that can’t be motivated to do anything but eat chips and dent the couch! Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit […]

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Yo-mancing the Om

I think I’ve fallen in love.  It is always ‘the voice’ that gets me.  I never thought an Ommm could be such a turn on! Why were Micheal Douglas and Kathleen Turner so ‘hot’ in that 1984 adventure movie classic, […]

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My Inner Teacher is a Space Alien

As I was in my Vinyasa flow class today, the instructor asked us to listen to our inner teacher. She said that the inner teacher was the little voice deep inside that is always there to guide you.  As she […]

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